Counting Ten Frame



How It Works


The standard way to use Ten Counting Frames is horizontally as shown in the illustration on the right.  Students should always fill the top row first, starting with the beads on the right side. 


The picture at right shows the Ten Counting Frame equal to zero.  Note all the beads are on the right side.




When the top row is full, counters can be placed on the bottom row, also from right to left.


This will produce the "standard way" to show numbers on the ten-­frame.


5  +  2  =  7

This picture shows seven on the Ten Counting Frame, five on top and two on the bottom.






When using Ten Counting Frames vertically always start with all the beads at the top.


In this mode beads are pulled down on the left-side first.  Always fill the left side first, starting with all the beads at the top.








The picture at right shows the Ten Counting Frame equal to eight.  Five beads on the bottom of the right side and three on the bottom on the right side.


This orientation also allows for explorations of doubles  like 2 + 2 or multiplication facts like 2 x 2, 3 x 3 , etc.







What It Does

Understanding that numbers are composed of tens and ones is an important foundational concept, setting the stage for work with larger numbers.


A strong sense of "ten" is a prerequisite for place-value understanding and mental calculations. But how to develop this idea? The following are excerpts from an essay published by Didax that gives information about how the Ten Frame can be used to foster important math skills and concepts.

In an essay published by Didax the author stated that:


As teachers can attest, ten-frames are highly useful tools for developing number sense within the context of ten. Arranging counters in different ways on the ten-frame prompts students to form mental images of the numbers represented. ( /9/9/3/2/9932784/what_ is_a_ ten_frame.pdf )


Further the National Council of the Teachers of Math points out, "The ten-frame uses the concept of benchmark numbers (5 and 10) and helps students develop visual images for each number."

Another advantage of using the Counting Ten Frame is that unlike other Ten Frame products there are no separate mats, magnets, discs and separate parts to be lost, broken, or replaced.

The Counting Ten Frame is durable and essentially child proof. It is produced locally in Los Angeles.